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November 16 at 2pm

The All-County Honors Chorus was established by the Carolina Concert Choir in 2011 to expand the opportunities and experiences of young choral students in Henderson County. Unlike other musical disciplines, at the time of its inception and to this day, no other opportunities exist in our county for talented high school and middle school choral students to collaborate, learn and perform in a county-wide venue.  Funding for this endeavor is supported by generous private donors and grants.


Students from all county high schools, middle schools, private schools and home schools are eligible to participate in the Middle School and High School Honors Choruses. Students audition in September and are selected to participate in a choral clinic and concert in November. Prior to the clinic, students work with their respective choral conductors and teachers to learn the music for the concert.

Choral singers have been described as “vocal athletes” because they must breathe correctly, sing the right notes, speak the words clearly, watch the director, remember changes in rhythm and volume, project their voices and communicate the composer’s message with sustained energy and feeling. Perhaps the most important skill is learning to work as a team to accomplish together what no one of them can do alone.


Indigo Hansen - Honors Chorus Student

I have been participating in the honor’s chorus program for seven years now, and every year was a new experience and a wonderful memory. The honor’s chorus program has given me the amazing opportunity to sing with other talented singers in the area, and grow together musically. I look forward to honor’s chorus every year, because I can meet new people who audition for the chorus, and I can inspire them to be better singers through it.

All-County made me a better singer and exposed me to some truly amazing conductors. It was so much fun and we sang some truly beautiful pieces.

West Henderson Honors Chorus Student

Barbara Glassman - Singer, Carolina Concert Choir

I was never an athlete. But I could sing. My junior and high school choirs kept me going. It gave me confidence. To this day, it is my privilege to be a member of Carolina Concert Choir – along with high school and college singers and folks with still excellent voices into their 80’s. My athletic friends no longer play football or basketball, but I can still sing. My talent that was nurtured will last a lifetime. I have much
gratitude for my teachers, mentors, and choral directors.


The Carolina Concert Choir is the main supporter of choral music in Henderson County. Dedicated parents know the intrinsic value of the choral experience. Please donate, and help us continue this worthy program so we can continue to inspire a skill and passion that will last a

Thank you for all of the hard work CCC puts into making this event possible for our students. Honors Chorus provides an experience that cannot be replicated in the school chorus program at HHS. Students who take Chorus year after year are given the opportunity to sing difficult repertoire with motivated, like-minded students. My students relish the chance to sing with more experienced singers and sing in SATB (HHS Chorus has never had enough men to tackle much SATB.)

Thank you for the work that you do!

Amanda Tant - Hendersonville High School and Middle School Director


High School Honors Chorus Instructors

Amanda Tant, Hendersonville High School
Christine Cullen, East Henderson High School
Makayla Melton, North Henderson High School
Tiffany King, West Henderson High School


Deborah Quisenberry
Hope McClure
Tanari Montecillo
Roman Pierson
Jennica Tapia
Laurel Thompason
Jaden Cairnes
Callie Walker
Jose Perez
Camila Martinez
Yaritza Aguilar
Malaya Dukes
Kaleigh Erwin
Ashley Vera
Jade Lantrip
Priya Mays
Makayla Brown
Evila K Fausto
Brianna Bjerke
Isis Gomez–Borges
Chloe Mayfield
Zaina-Briel Dixon
Javi Johnson
Emily Heretski
Bailey King
Emma Wright
Cora Bernatt
Kaeson Riley
Kimisa Buchanan
Marjorie Cairnes


Jayden Shook
Alexis McCarson
Leah Parsons
Bradley Wooten
Dalton Halford
Ben Jones
Kiori Harrison
Oliver Huerta–
Malea Bailey
Bridgette Kelly
Venessa Luelen
Julie Smithson
Lillian White
Ana Cabrera
Kaylee Melton
Hayley Davis
Haley Leger
Rhianna Gordon
Hailey Price
Allison Powers


Lily Pearson

Jazmin Gil-Zuniga

Annie Moon


Sara Kim
Felicity Davidson
Talia Rhodarmer
Seth Harrelson
Miranda Burke
Jada Howell
Preston George
Hannah Thompson
Brianna Thorndyke

Middle School Honors Chorus Instructors

Makayla Melton, Apple Valley Middle School
Jessica Lowe, Flat Rock Middle School
Amada Tant, Hendersonville Middle School


Jade Diaz Sanchez
Gracie Rizo
Ariana Milliken
Kylie Robertson
Whitney Curtis
Emma Mattheus
Joshua Cumplido
Kenzie Hall
Stephanie Allison
Ivelis Rivera
Jakob McDermott
Ireland Hannah


Gabbie Gander
Maddie Cox
Farrah Lasher
Aliyah Sweigard
Luka Boyd
Brenea Lueler
Rahzelle Lewis
Kelsea Thompson
Adriana Justice
Josilen Lane
Riley Jones
Jordyn Walden
Paola Patino
Mayioleen Frank
Fatima Mejia
Tyler Brown
Ameila Newell
Diona Mitter


Lily Grace Adams
Susannah Dannals
Keniyah Davidson
Crystal Gonzalez
Nayeli Hoelscher
Josie Holloway
Ana Morris
Bailey Nix
Ella Oblinsky
Avery Ruiz
Juhneylis Vazquez
Ave White
Jaqueline Mendez
Vivienne Vickers
Gabby Gratton
Mollie Adams
Cecelia Hall
Lillian Jones
November White


Now in its 14th year, the All-County Honors Chorus (the Honors Chorus) serves both Middle and High School students.  This initiative is an outreach program of the Carolina Concert Choir, a non-profit organization.  During 2023, the project was supported by a grant from The Community Foundation of Henderson County, the  North Carolina Arts Council administered by the Arts Council of Henderson County, and by generous donations from several patrons.


This is the only choral program to honor and focus on area high school and middle school choral students.  Diverse students are auditioned in September from all four Henderson County high schools, middle schools, area private schools, and home schools. The school choral teachers prepare the students for auditions and one-day clinic. The 2023 clinic was held on Friday, November 17  and the Honors Chorus presented a concert for the community on Saturday, November 18, 2023, at Grace Lutheran Church in Hendersonville, NC. Dr. Michael Lancaster served as guest clinician and conductor.  He was joined by Mr. Noah Melton, music instructor in Durham, NC as the middle school clinician and conductor.  The High School students are accompanied by Ms. Susan Clearman, the Carolina Concert Choir accompanist.  The Middle School students are accompanied by Mr. Stephen Klein, Director of Music at Trinity Presbyterian Church in Hendersonville, NC.

Program Description

In 2012 and 2013, the one-day choral clinics/next-day concert formats were performed by auditioned students under the direction of guest clinician/conductor Dr. Michael Lancaster, Director of Choral Activities at Western Carolina University. The concerts were a tremendous success for the students and audience. In 2014 when Professor Lawrence Doebler became the Artstic Director/Conductor of the Carolina Concert Choir, he conducted the 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017 clinics and concerts to full houses at Trinity Presbyterian and Grace Lutheran Churches in Hendersonville, NC. Professor Doebler invited the Honors Chorus to perform with the Carolina Concert Choir Christmas concerts, and this tradition continues. Since 2018, Dr. Michael Lancaster, Artistic Director and Conductor of the Carolina Concert Choir has led the All-County Honors Chorus clinics and concerts. All performance since 2018 have been at Grace Lutheran Church in Hendersonville, NC to capacity crowds.


We applaud the choral teachers of Henderson County High Schools and Middle Schools who help prepare and audition the students to attend and perform the music during the clinic and concerts.


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