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Auditions will be held  January 16 and 23, 2023 prior to rehearsals. To schedule an audition time slot or request an alternate audition date, please contact Dr. Lancaster at


  • Sing a prepared piece (Art Song or similar)

  • Pitch recall

  • Sight reading

Purpose: We are always looking for talented musicians with expressive voices! It has been scientifically proven that singing in an ensemble has incredible health benefits both physical and mental. Please consider auditioning for the Carolina Concert Choir!








Singers are expected to attend every rehearsal and to sing in every concert. We recognize that choir members have important family, work and other personal commitments that sometimes preclude attending rehearsal. For this reason, each member is allowed to miss three rehearsals per semester. Members who exceed three missed rehearsals will not be allowed to sing in subsequent rehearsals and performances. They may, however, submit a written request to the board, which, in consultation with the director, will consider requests to remain in the group for that semester.

Ambitious music standards for performances have been established, and all members are asked to help maintain and improve upon these standards. In addition to regular rehearsals, all members are expected to invest time and energy on their own in preparing the music. While members are not expected to have had formal voice training, we do look for voices that blend and enhance the quality of each section.


Women: Black performance dress, black hose, black closed-toe shoes, pearl earrings and medium-length pearl necklace.

Men: Black tuxedo, white shirt, black cummerbund, black bow tie, black shoes.

Membership dues for all new and returning members are $50.00 per semester.

Rehearsals are held each Monday beginning January and September from 7-9:15pm in Stu Hall - the fellowship room of Grace Lutheran Church 1245 6th Avenue West Hendersonville, NC. We ask that singers be seated and ready to sing at 7pm sharp. Attendance at dress rehearsals is mandatory; singers must participate in dress rehearsals in order to sing in the concerts.


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